Marsha Williams

Hi. I am Marsha. I am a middle class Mom who is tired of paying the bills of lazy men in Congress. It’s time for someone from Illinois 16th fought for the middle class.

I am a graduate of Purdue Global University with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. After graduating college in the middle of the recession, I found that the system was designed to hurt the working class. I was a single Mom for many years working sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. I noticed my friends, my family, and my neighbors struggling to pay for necessities while large corporations were bailed out. Jobs that once paid well, were being paid much less so the company can save a buck. 

Three years ago, I dedicated myself to help those who were low income or unemployed to receive job training. These are good-paying jobs. During my time, I assisted over 500 individuals to obtain job training assistance and uplift them out of poverty. 

As a lifelong resident of my district, I see so many working-class people such as myself being under-represented and unheard. Our current representative rarely shows up and is unaware of many issues regular everyday people face. I am that voice because I want to dismantle the system and create one that benefits the people that matter the most. Us. 

Proudly endorsed by

Brand New Congress
March On
Free Thought Equality PAC