Environmental Justice proposals">Environmental Justice proposals

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Environmental Justice proposals

The Green New Deal

Environmental Justice is something that is extremely important to the Marsha Williams Campaign. That is why Marsha supports the Green New Deal, a plan to deal with Climate Change by transforming our energy grid to renewables like wind and solar while creating millions of jobs across the country in the process. On top of this though, the Green New Deal would seek to secure environmental justice for all Americans by making sure every American has access to clean air and water, healthy food, and access to nature. This plan may seem ambitious and unrealistic, but we believe that this is what people deserve and we don’t think it is asking for that much. Everyone wants these things for themselves and their neighbors, so let’s make it happen from the policy level for all of us. This is something within our power, we just have to have the willpower to make it happen. Not to mention that not dealing with climate change is already costing the American people and will only continue to get more expensive without drastic action as soon as possible. 

Dealing with Lead

Marsha is a resident of Peoria, Illinois. A place with some of the highest levels of lead poisoning among children in the country where 1 in 20 kids tested have high levels of lead in their bodies according the Peoria City/County Health Department. According to the CDC, lead exposure to children can seriously harm Children’s health including damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, and learning behavior problems. It is unacceptable that in America this happens to our kids, let alone a staggering number of half a million kids between the ages of 1 to 5 with lead levels above which the CDC recommends. Especially considering that lead exposure is the most preventable environmental disease of young children according to the CDC. This cannot continue to happen in the United States of America. It does not matter what class you come from or where you live, no one should have to deal with health issues like this. These kids will have to live with these health issues for the rest of their lives. We must protect our kids from a disease like this. 

One big source of lead exposure is from old water pipes that were made of lead that can seep into drinking water. Luckily, Illinois is already working on replacing these old pipes along with help from the federal government with Billions from the infrastructure package earmarked for replacing old lead pipes across the country. However, another major source of lead comes from lead paint which was predominantly up until 1978 for residential use. Many people never even know that their home is contaminated with lead dust from old paint that they and their children are breathing in. The campaign proposes that congress pass legislation to mass produce lead testing kits cheaply and send them to homes and buildings like schools that are more than 40 years old that may have been painted with lead paint. This may seem drastic, but it has the potential to make millions of Americans aware of the presence of lead in their homes and schools, allowing them to take appropriate action to protect children who are most vulnerable to serious damage to their health that will last the rest of their lives. This also has the potential to save the public money down the line dealing with the health issues associated with the elevated lead levels of individuals. 

Furthermore, lead exposure is only 1 of many different pollutants lingering in our environment that needs to be addressed. We need to work to address new and upcoming threats like PFAs and microplastics that are in our waterways and in our food. If elected, Marsha would fight to make sure that the EPA has the funding it needs to come up with effective solutions to threats like these and others to public health. Furthermore, make sure these contaminants are tested for and included in water quality reports across the country. People should know if there is a threat to their health coming from the water that they drink. 


  • Lead testing kits may be over the top, if that doesn’t work for Marsha can replace it with something different. At home Lead testing kits only cost around $10 though, if mass produced at cost could definitely bring the price down quite a bit I think. So maybe not that crazy. 

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