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Gun Reform

Marsha Williams for Congress: Gun Reform in IL-17

Upwards of 250 mass shootings have occurred across America since the start of 2022. Of those, 27 were school shootings, the most recent being the Robb Elementary School shootings in Uvalde, Texas. But this year is not an anomaly. School shootings have been progressively increasing since the 2010s. Unless we do something, gun violence is here to stay.

Marsha Williams has clear and feasible soluAons to gun violence.

#1: Universal background checks

Right now, a small percentage of gun purchases are subject to a background check, meaning individuals with criminal records, mental illness, and other dangerous backgrounds can purchase firearms. Unfortunately, most individuals who commit gun violence have these red flags. The shooters of Robb Elementary, Oxford High School in Michigan, and Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida were all mentally disturbed. Universal background checks ensure such individuals cannot purchase guns and perpetrate violence.

#2: Mandatory Gun Safety Classes

According to the EducaAonal Fund to Stop Gun Violence, almost 500 people die yearly from unintenAonal firearm injuries. While the majority of gun violence is intenAonal, it is equally necessary to account for accidental gun violence. Gun safety classes ensure firearm owners safely operate their guns.

#3: AmmuniAon Limits

There are currently no federal limits as to how much ammunition one can purchase at one time. Marsha wants to set a limit to prevent mass shootings. This is one of the only ways to prevent mass shootings. Think of the Las Vegas music festival shootings in 2017, for instance: the gunman succeeded in killing 60 people because he was able to purchase hundreds of bullets. The plain truth is that less bullets owned means more lives saved.

#4: Gun RegistraAon

A handful of states, not counAng Illinois, require a gun registry. Marsha favors a gun registry because it holds firearm owners accountable. By tracking who legally owns a gun, law enforcement can then detect illegal gun acAvity. Another benefit is that, should a violent incident occur, law enforcement can track the weapon to its owner and prosecute them if needed. A registry holds criminals accountable.

These are just a few of the gun reforms Marsha wants to take on. With your vote, she can bring real change to Illinois and our country. But most importantly, keep our children safe.

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