Green New Deal

Climate Change is upon us, and the future of humanity is at stake. It’s time for big, structural change, starting with bold investments in clean energy like solar and nuclear programs. The Green New Deal will update our decaying infrastructure, create millions of good paying jobs, reduce our emissions, and save money on utilities. With the Green New Deal, we take a bold stand, and make a firm commitment to the health and safety of our world now and in the future.

With this commitment, we will also commit to the creation of millions of well-paying jobs for people throughout this country who are in desperate need of meaningful and gainful work. We will commit ourselves to protecting and repairing devastated and at-risk communities, both physically and economically.

• Transform our energy system to 100 percent renewable energy, and create jobs needed to solve the climate crisis.

• Ensure smooth transition for communities and workers in the fossil fuel industry.

• Save American families money with investments in weatherization, public transportation, modern infrastructure and high-speed broadband.

• End the greed of the fossil fuel industry, and hold them accountable.